What you can expect

The Talegent Training academy was built with you in mind. Providing an interactive and informative experience, you’ll leave with the ability to be fully self-sufficient in your hiring.
  • Become an expert in administering assessments and interpreting psychometric data/results.
  • Enhance your ability to provide professional hiring advice to your wider business.
  • Learn industry best practice for career development conversations, delivering feedback, interview questions, and onboarding.
Improve hiring decisions
  • Master the Talegent PATH Suite and use the tools to their highest potential.
  • Learn about the personality traits & abilities that best link to job performance.
  • Dig deeper into your candidates by unlocking access to our most detailed report, the Personality Report.
Networking opportunities
  • Meet HR professionals across various industries as they attend workshops with you.
  • Enjoy a collaborative space between you, other workshop attendees, and our experts.
Get certified
  • Receive an official Talegent PATH Training Certificate.
  • Take your life-long, internationally-recognised certification wherever your career goes.

Our courses

Comprehensive Course

For those that are new to assessment and talent analytics
5 Sessions (Virtual)
  • Learn to master Talegent’s range of tools
  • Become familiar with industry best practices
  • Understand the importance of assessment and how it works
  • See how to identify attributes that best link to job performance

Conversion Course

For those that are experienced in assessment, but new to Talegent
3 sessions (Virtual)
  • Learn to master Talegent’s range of tools
  • Become familiar with industry best practices
2022 Virtual Training Dates


17th – 31th May 2022   09:30am-12:30pm AEST

14th – 28th June 2022   09:30am-12:30pm NZST


12th – 26th July 2022   09:30am-12:30pm AEST

9th – 23rd August 2022   09:30am-12:30pm NZST


(Dates to be booked)

2022 Face-to-face Training Dates

Meet the experts

Introducing the brains behind the Talegent Training Academy: organisational psychologists Emily Rust and Peter Kellaway. With decades of experience in the recruitment industry, they’ll provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become an expert yourself.
Emily Rust

With a commercial, pragmatic, and innovative approach to problem solving, Emily strives to unite academic best-practice with the diverse and complex situations that organisations face. Emily runs our training programs in New Zealand.

Peter Kellaway

Peter’s expertise includes psychometric and behavioural assessment, talent acquisition, management and development, consulting across government and commercial environments. Peter runs our training programs in Australia.

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